It’s time.

It’s time for a journalism conference in Canada that’s focused on celebrating journalists of colour and reimagining an equitable future for the media industry. That’s why the Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) and Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC) are excited to host our inaugural joint conference—for and by racialized journalists. Mark your calendars: On April 30 to May 1, 2021, RISE is coming!

About Us


Founded in 1996, the Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) strives to increase representation of Black journalists nationwide. Over the years, the CABJ has sought to comprehensively portray the voices and experiences of Black Canadians. The association believes there is a need to hold the industry accountable as we work to counter systemic racism and diversify newsrooms. The CABJ relaunched in 2018 with a renewed focus to help news outlets diversify, and to inspire a new generation of young Black journalists.


Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC) is a community of Indigenous, Black and racialized journalists working in the media industry across Canada. CJOC offers a supportive environment for journalists of colour to talk about the industry — whether that's working through story ideas, sharing resources, posting job opportunities, offering mentorship or brainstorming solutions to problems facing our industry. Since CJOC’s launch in October 2018, we’ve attracted more than 1,000 members, and have established chapters in cities and postsecondary schools across Canada.

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Omar Mosleh

Omar Mosleh

Toronto Star Journalist

Jody Anderson

Jody Anderson

Freelance Writer

Renee Ashley

Renee Ashley

Jamaican Writer

Alicia Bell

Alicia Bell

Community Organizer

Omar Mouallem

Omar Mouallem

Writer and filmmaker

Natasha Grzincic

Natasha Grzincic

Deputy Editor

Program (All times are EST)

April 30 (Day 1)

6:00 PM Welcome
6:05 PM Keynote – Camile Dundas
6:40 PM Entertainment – Comedy Show
7:00 PM Workshops
#1 You’re Late to the Party
#2 Reporting on Race in the Prairies
7:30 PM Mentor Fair Begins
7:40 PM Selfcare Moment #1
“The Beauty of Selfcare”
8:00 PM Closing Remarks
8:15 PM Mentor Fair Ends
8:30 PM End of Day 1
*Schedule subject to change

See you on Saturday

May 1 (Day 2)

11:00 AM Welcome
11:05 AM Round Table Discussion – CABJ x CJF Industry
11:50 AM Workshop
#3 How to create a successful independent media platform
#4 Building Bridges
12:30 PM Break
12:45 PM Workshops
#5 Media Reparations
#6 Hidden Figures
1:30 PM Workshops
#7 How BIPOC news entrepreneurs are changing news ownership
#8 Data Journalism for Nerds and Nerd Allies
2:15 PM Lunch
2:50 PM Workshop
#9 Self Care ~ Healing Circle
#10 How to Pitch Successfully
3:30 PM Keynote
3:50 PM Closing Remarks
4:00 PM Mentor Fair Begins
5:00 PM Mentor Fair Ends
*Schedule subject to change

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Why you should attend RISE.

If you're excited for change in our industry, then RISE is for you. Conference programming will be geared towards helping racialized journalists in Canada level up their careers, and will focus on skills development to prepare them for the future of journalism. Join over 200 industry and thought leaders, change agents and newsroom managers as they:

  • Connect with an empowered community of journalists of colour. Both CABJ and CJOC want the media industry to truly represent Canada’s racial diversity, fulfilling our country’s commitment to multiculturalism. But often times, we are “the only one” in predominantly white newsrooms. RISE is an opportunity to address our shared experiences and not feel so alone.
  • Learn cutting-edge skills from leading journalists of colour. Black, Indigenous and journalists of colour who are at the forefront of this industry will be sharing their knowledge about the latest developments in investigative journalism, community-driven journalism, digital platforms, media business models and much more.
  • Contribute to an industry-wide conversation about equity and anti-racism. CABJ, CJOC and our partners feel strongly that the need for policies around diversity, equity and inclusion should go beyond committees and band-aid solutions. This is what inspired our joint Canadian Media Diversity: Calls to Action document released in January 2020. We believe this kind of change begins at the top, so we plan to convene frank and solutions-focused discussions at the conference.

RISE is an “unconference” conference: There’s less talking at you and more collaborative dialogue. We’re focused on solutions, and producing concrete outcomes from our interactive workshops, panels and presentations. Expect a mix of skills training, equity-focused programming and real talk. Journalism leaders and experts from across North America will lead a new wave of conversation in an industry that’s long overdue for change.

Why you should sponsor RISE.

Inspirit Foundation, CWA Canada and TD were among the first to sign on as sponsors. If you join them, you’ll be part of an important initiative that helps amplify journalists of colour in Canada, going beyond symbolic gestures by supporting a conference focused on real change. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, email us at